Drivers are warned Good Friday will be the busiest on the roads, as the cold snap is set to return to Britain over the Easter break!

With the rumours of snow on the horizon this weekend, anyone wishing to avoid the heavy traffic should consider staying off the roads on Good Friday with below average temperatures set to affect the busy period.

Drivers are also being warned to expect unsettled weather, with Snow looking like to make another unwelcome appearance for many.

It is still expected to be incredibly busy throughout the Easter season though, with drivers completing almost 19 million separate leisure journeys overall.


The heaviest traffic may be found around the areas of the M25 between Gatwick Airport and the M1, the M3 southwest of London, the A303 at Stonehenge, the M55 between Preston and Blackpool, and the M53 between Liverpool and Chester – how egg-citing… Motorists are urged to be properly prepared, avoiding any worst case scenarios this weekend.

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Take care on the roads this weekend, and on behalf of the team we wish you and your family a very long, happy and safe Easter weekend – the only thing you need to be stuck doing is eating tasty chocolate eggs!