Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question which is not listed, please either fill out the form provided, labelled as ‘Ask A Question’ or send an email to info@fivestarautosalvage.co.uk as the question will be answered and added to the website accordingly.

Will it cost me anything to get a quote?

Nope. Our quotes are free and come with no obligations – all we need is a few details such as the vehicle’s Registration number and your Postcode and we can tell you what your car is worth.

How do you calculate the value of my vehicle?

From the details you give us, we will take into account the value of scrap metal, any reusable parts and its location to ensure that we give you a fair and competitive price.

Does my car need to have a valid MOT Test Certificate?

No, we do not require your car to have a valid MOT Test certificate – but, as it is unsafe and illegal to drive a car on public roads, we would recommend our scrap car collection service that operates in Suffolk and Essex.

How does the car collection process work?

We will get started as soon as you accept our proposed quote, after this we will contact you to find a collection time and date that suits you. We will then arrive at said agreed day and time, collect your vehicle, sort out the paperwork for you, and provide you with payment. Simple!

Does my vehicle need to be complete?

As long as you inform us of the full extent of the vehicle at the time of booking, we have no problem with you removing parts.

When can I drop my vehicle off?

After we have an accepted price, as long as your vehicle is safe and legal to drive, you can drop your car off to Five Star Auto Salvage any time between 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday. There’s no need to make an appointment.

Can you still collect my vehicle if I have lost the keys?

No problem, as long as we have your permission to gain access to the vehicle. Just let us know prior to our collection, as our drivers are trained to tackle problems like this.

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