In Britain, we have some pretty great cars rolling around the place – and on the market – but there are some brilliant models we just can’t get here…

Auto Express conducted a survey on which cars are the best from foreign destinations, see below the outcome:

Coming in at number one is the Honda S660

This rear wheel mid-engine car is in the format of a Ferrari but the price of a Ford Fiesta. Found in Japan, this low cost, fuel-efficient vehicle costs approximately £16,500. The real question is this favourite foreign car coming to The UK? The answer is simple – a big fat, NO. Honda has commented in previous months saying it’s not going to happen so I think we had better drop the dreams of a trip on a road near us any time soon.

Car number two is a whole lot of car, it’s the BMW M55Oi


This classically designed vehicle is currently only available in the USA. BMW created this car for those who found the M5 a little too much, this four-wheel drive with its immense 4.4litre engine will soon be available in the UK, in 12 months to be exact! For £60,000 it’s far from the cheapest on the list but it’s a powerful piece of kit nonetheless.

Car Number three is the Dodge Challenger  

A true muscle car with a range of outrageous power outputs, this is definitely at the top of a lot of peoples wish lists! But, we have waited over half a century for Ford to offer a Mustang in the UK so it’s very unlikely that we will be seeing this beauty cruising in right-hand drive.

Car number four is a good old Citroen E -Mehari  

Bright bubbly and frankly a bit bonkers, Citroen has done it. They have created a car that most manufacturers wouldn’t dream of making. This wacky, electric-powered car has a removable roof and can be hosed down at the end of a long day. However, sadly there are no signs of the E-Mehari coming over here.

So there you have it a few totally awesome cars that for the most part we are highly unlikely to be able to enjoy…

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