Things happen on the road and get in the way, that may have to make you divert or take a different road route this summer – this can’t be helped. However, basic checks and precautions on your car can be an important and sometimes life changing thought to consider.


Your summer destination may require you to travel long distances in your car to seek the sun and relaxation you may require here or abroad. However, sometimes this can cause stress whilst on the road, the key to eradicating these types of problems is to plan ahead before you set out on your journey.

As much as our children are the little bundles of joy in our life, when it comes to a long car journey it can become an all very different story – even a small trip to your local Tesco for the food shop might set them off!

When travelling with children on longer trips you will more often than not, check on their safety and be more cautious with this approach. It only takes a small amount of time when it comes to the safety of your child in the car, this planning can save a whole lot of hassle and your mind is put at rest throughout the journey – this is something you should carry out for your own safety too!

In amongst the worry and confusion of your children potentially playing up and getting excited for their break away in the back seats of the car, we often become stressed relating to how we’ll actually get to our desired destination if one route is subsequently blocked for whatever reason.

This in turn may create congested traffic, another nightmare of every British motorist! To help prevent you being the one that breaks down on the side of the motorway, you can put simple plans and checks on your vehicle preventing the worst event of an accident.

Whether you are travelling with a group of people or alone on a long/short journey, the warning is that common sense prevails and you should prepare for any event on the road.

Below are a few tips that you should consider and put in place before travelling.

Check your car’s fluids ahead of a long journey, last thing you want to do is be sitting on the side of the road with your broken down if you’re setting off on holiday.

  • Check your tyres for baldness, punctures, pressure and general wear & tear.
  • Check your headlights and all electric outputs are working efficiently if you’re driving at night time.
  • Check your oil levels
  • Put together an emergency aid kit incase of injury – including at least a bottle of water. You should also keep a blanket, torch and potentially a spare set of clothes in the boot.
  • Pack the car suitably if you have large baggage etc, make sure you can see out of all windows in the vehicle.
  • It might be wise to do your research when buying fuel, check out local petrol stations for cheaper fuel if you’re driving through places you’re not familiar with.
  • Bring your mobile phone charger with you on your journey and make sure your mobile phone battery is on a high percent before setting off – incase of emergency.

Here at Five Star Auto Salvage we can help you put checks in place before you head off for a couple of days or weeks this summer, we deal with anything from Brakes, Batteries, Exhausts, Gearbox Repairs, Tyres, Clutch Replacement, Engine Diagnostics, Engine Management, Mechanical Repairs, Wheel Alignment and much more.

If you have any queries or can’t see your problem listed, then get in touch with us before your due your well deserved break – call us today on 01473 657 077!