According to research from Green Flag, around 21 million of us are ignoring an array of problems when our cars are being driven on UK roads.

The ‘ignore all’ option could in fact set you back as the problem gets worse. The survey indicated that on average, British motorists are forking out around £574 per year on vehicle complications. However, if this was to be acted upon quickly, the cost may not be so steep!

It’s believed that 33% of us have simply got used to the car’s fault, where over time it becomes un-noticeable. Where as 21%, admit they notice the car’s fault but are no longer frustrated by them or simply can’t be bothered to get the dilemma fixed.

However, with new MOT rules overtaking on the 20th May, this could prove not only dangerous, but costly too!

A bigger bill can occur if these issues are not professionally taken care of, not to mention you run the risk of putting your life and other motorists at risk depending on your car’s fault.

The survey also pointed out some of the key issues many drivers are ignoring and wait up to 10 weeks before finally reacting to the problem and getting it seen to:

Battery issues – 14%
Unexpected Noises – 11%
Engine issues – 10%
Broken heating / air conditioning – 10%
Broken internal parts – 9%
Window motor / regulator lagging or jamming – 6%
Alternator problems – 6%
Gearbox jamming – 5%

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