Buying a car can be quite confusing, especially if you aren’t exactly motor-savvy. We’re here to help you out with any auto problems you may face, so have compiled a little checklist of questions you should ask before purchasing a car.

  1. What’s the maintenance history of the vehicle?

Find out how well the vehicle has been looked after and if it has any long-term issues. If the engine, transmission and cooling systems have not been properly maintained, it could mean major repairs down the line. Whilst this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy the car, it should definitely be factored into the asking price of the vehicle.

2. Do the basic systems show red-flag problems?

Take your car to an experienced mechanic to get it checked out before purchase. This way, you will be able to find out straight away if the major systems of a used car have any red-flag problems. Ensure that the engine and transmission oil, brakes, engine power, air conditioning, frame and exhaust are all checked.

3. What type of title does the vehicle have?

There are three basic types of car titles to consider when buying a used car: clear, salvage and rebuilt/reconstructed. A clear title means that the car has a clean history and has never been in a serious accident. Cars with salvage and reconstructed titles have been seriously damaged in the past.

Also keep these points in mind:

  • If the car does not sit level on the ground, do not buy it. This could indicate structural damage.
  • If the exhaust omits a steamy smoke with a sweet smell, do not buy it as it may have a blown head gasket.
  • Does the engine lag excessively when you accelerate or make strange noises?
  • Are there any warning lights on the dashboard?

These are all causes for concern. Familiarise yourself with these points for when you need to make your next vehicle purchase.

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