Exciting news for Citroen fanatics, as they announce free car insurance on it’s new C1 City car. 

Citroen have said that the deal for the C1 compact car comes with free car insurance for the first year. The City car is likely to be most popular with younger and first time drivers due to the appealing deal that offers a handsome discount. 

For young drivers in particular, insurance is one of the biggest financial costs of car ownership, because they have to find thousands of pounds to get cover. As long as drivers are between 18 and 75 then they qualify for the deal which is available between 1st July and 30th September 2019. 

The car itself comes with many up to date features like; a seven inch touchscreen, MirrorScreen technology and DAB radio. For more information on this particular car check out the firm’s website.

Handing Over Car Keys

This is perfect for young and first time drivers to have the opportunity to be able to have a safe car with affordable finance. It gives them plenty of time to save up and make plans for when they do have to start paying the insurance. This car might not be the newest trend in terms of models but it is certainly the safer and more affordable option out there at this present time!  

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