With Brits spending more cautiously this year, the long drive to European countries seems to be a popular choice. Across France, Spain and Italy the roads are fast and wide if you take the Toll Roads, but can also lead to smaller, higher and hairpin riddled routes, so having your car, people carrier or van serviced and checked for wear and tear is vital.

Whether you’re cycling in the Alps or relaxing in the caved mountain Spa on the Stelvio, enjoying the beaches in Costa Del Sol or Camping in Lake Constance, making sure you, your passengers and your vehicle makes it there all in one piece is priority.

Breaking down mid journey in an unknown area with language barriers will be stressful and perhaps alarming. If you have good knowledge of the area, have made it your regular holiday destination since you’ve been taking holidays, then you already know the benefits of getting your car serviced before you go, in time to make any repairs or part sourcing before your date of departure.

Well, Five Star Auto are here to help!

Not only do we buy and sell cars, we also repair them and can source quality parts at fair prices. Whether you have an engine that needs a good going over or if there is a bodywork issue that you really want to fix before the long drive, we can help. We offer competitive prices from start to finish explaining everything we need to do so you know what to expect.

From Brakes, Batteries, Exhausts, Gearbox Repairs, Tyres, Clutch Replacement, Engine Diagnostics, Engine Management, Mechanical Repairs, Wheel Alignment and much more – If you have any queries or can’t see your problem listed, then get in touch with us before your due your well deserved break.

No one wants to find themselves in a situation where their holiday becomes a mental breakdown as well as a vehicular one. When hard earned money, time and thought go into all the details involved in planning your trip, don’t let this one aspect let you down.