They say in the next 20 to 30 years everyone will own or lease driverless cars, does anyone actually believe that? There are still millions of cars on the road that are over 8 – 12 years old, so how can the world of the auto giants believe that we’ll all be cruising around, without any contact with the car’s controls, in the foreseeable future?

Imagine trying to afford, let alone find, car parts to repair or replace these state of the art sensors and technological mechanisms that help cars find their way through fast moving traffic and activate the break say, while doing 50 miles an hour down a country road as a deer pulls out in front of you – will the car even stop? Driverless cars are said to be made to protect the people inside the car from harm as opposed to those outside… But that’s for another blog.

Insurance premiums will rise due to the expense of these repairs and replacements and cars worth thousands of pounds could be written off just because the parts inside the car cost more than buying a new one – the new and extensive training for mechanics adding to these costs. Will write-offs be worth more than the cost of a standard car? And will everyone over the next 100 years, let alone 50, be able to factor in these costs.

It’s been said that once everyone has these fully automated cars, the road will be a safe place. But that means everyone needs to have one, and if there are still standard cars on the road, will that mean we are the unsafe ones on a driverless road. Maybe it will become a policy in the 2050 manifesto – No more Driver Driven cars allowed on the road due to the lack of sensors and high tech software…. Can we tolerate a 2 tier system where some have the money to buy this tech and some don’t – seems unfair?

Owning your own car is a sign that you have a responsibility to yourself, those in your car, and everyone on the road. It’s character building, and for many, a sign that you are a responsible adult. Once you are no longer responsible – the car and its components will become liable and will become an excuse used to apportion blame.

Do we stick to what we know, or accept the ‘rules of the road’ are changing? Whether we like it or not…

Let us know how you feel about the emerging horizon of driver-less cars below today…

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