Driverless cars. They are just about to burst onto the market and are sparking controversy across the world. They have been being tested for a very long time now and are almost ready to go. In September the first driverless bus was trailed in Lyon and Barack Obama himself has said that the “technology is essentially here”. The general consensus is that driverless cars will be on the road and fully operational by 2020. The one question remains – who will win the race to curb the market?
The introduction of driverless cars – which will be slow to start off with and will be staggered so as to produce a mixture of both driverless and driven cars – will have a massive impact on the world not only environmentally but financially as well. We believe that the salvage industry is one that will survive this massive shift in economic focus. We will either be scrapping and salvaging driverless cars should they fail. Should they succeed then we will be scrapping and salvaging all those old cars that were very sadly made redundant by new technology. So whether driverless cars succeed or fail we are confident that we can whether the storm.
We are excited to see what the future will hold for our roads and our vehicles. It seems as if the time has nearly come to see which way driverless cars will turn! Towards the sun or off of the cliff?

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