Whether your car has been stolen at the hands of kids looking for an adrenaline kick, used as a getaway vehicle or just simply pinched to make some money via a black market source. You’ll no doubt have steam coming out your ears when you realise your car has vanished into thin air and is nowhere to be seen – you won’t be the only one to suffer this either! So what type of cars are stolen most often across Britain?


Just when you thought gone are the days of an individual hot-wiring your car with a coat hanger,  all the smart technology in modern cars these days, it appears thieves have become smart to the ways of modern appliances and are getting away with it quite literally!

The result of smarter thieves over the last three years has been a 30 per cent rise in car crime in England and Wales over the last three years, according to RAC Insurance.

West Yorkshire is currently suffering from a high level of car theft at the moment, with a 57 per cent rise between 2013 and 2017. With another popular hot spots for thefts in the UK is London, where around 26,500 cars were taken in 2016 – which is a shocking equivalent to one car stolen every 20 minutes in the capital.

But what simple procedures can you take to prevent your car becoming one of a long line of pinched motors? Well, you can make a point of not leaving your car keys in easy access within your car or in fact near the front door of your house – most at-home car thefts are not car break-ins but house break-ins, where keys are stolen and used to get away quickly in your car with other belongings shoved in the boot or back of the car – perfect for any wannabe robber!

Take a look at our Five Star Auto Salvage list of the top 10 popular cars to suddenly vanish across Britain at the hands of thieves. If your car is on this list, the advice is to be be extra vigilant!

10. BMW 5 Series
With a new model out, don’t be surprised to see this car move up the list this year!

9. Land Rover Defender

8. Range Rover Rogue
The Rogue may be a posher alternative to the model above. However, it is not that much harder to steal either!

7. Range Rover Autobiography

6. BMW 3 Series
Whether it is known as a ‘girls car’ or not is irrelevant at the best of times, it certainly won’t put off a thief from stealing this motor!

5. Mercedes E-Class

4. Mercedes C-Class
The Mercedes E Class & C Class models are extremely popular among car owners and thieves alike!

3. BMW M3

2. Range Rover Sport

1. BMW X5
The X5 SUV was the most stolen car in the UK last year, It fell to second place in 2015 after six years continuously finishing first in the top 10 stolen cars across Britain. Does it put you off from owning one?


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