Car scrapping used to mean harming the environment. When the cars were compacted, the fluids that were in the car were not drained out of them. This meant that the toxic metals seeped into the ground and spread, leading to contaminated water supplies full of mercury, motor oil and antifreeze. The average scrap yard ground was extremely toxic and a big danger to health.

Nowadays, this is unheard of.

Any legal car scrappage centre must adhere to environmental regulations, so scrapping a car means that you are actually helping the environment out. By recycling existing metals, you are preventing the new mining of metals and other mineral resources. Whilst this is a huge benefit, it’s not just metal in your car that can be recycled; glass and plastics can also be recycled and turned into new products.

Regulations prioritise environmental protection, including limiting the toxicity of the scrapped cars. The construction of modern vehicles involves the use of mercury and other heavy metals, with these regulations in place these materials are properly recycled and disposed of so that it causes no harm to anyone.

A recycling centre must now invest in their infrastructure in order to protect the environment. There must be equipment on hand to process hazardous materials. They must also upgrade their buildings and concrete pads so that the resist leaking toxic items.

Whilst the environment benefits from car scrappage, so do you. You get paid for a vehicle that is not being used, and we are able to recycle the metal materials to manufacturers that can re-use it.

Five Star Auto Salvage provide a Motor Salvage service based in Ipswich, Suffolk, with over 60 years experience in offering a full car recycling and used parts service. We offer a range of car services including scrap car collection, sell your car, recovery servicing, vehicle repairs, parts sourcing and vehicle sourcing. We comply with all environmental regulations and with us you can be sure that your car will be scrapped in an environmentally-friendly way.

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