At Five Star Auto Salvage we are forever conscious about the environment. We are completely up to date and up to code with all environmental legislation so with us you never have to worry about the environmental impact of scrapping your car, you can rest assured that we recycle it to the very best of our abilities which means that you are doing the world a favour – leaving it to rot is the worst thing you can do.

Car scrapping used to be a dangerous practice and it used to be a buzzword for the environmentally conscious. This is because in compacting a vehicle what would usually happen is that all the fluids in vehicle i.e. the fuel, the brake fluid, the antifreeze etc would run off of the car and into the ground contaminating the water table, as well as other things.

What this also meant is that scrap yards were not only highly toxic but they were dangerous as well. Thankfully, technology has advanced a lot since then and we here at Five Star Auto Salvage have advanced with it. We use only the most advanced methods of recycling. What this also allows us to do is to recycle as much of the car as possible. We take the glass and the plastic as well as a whole host of other materials that used to be totally ignored. This way we reduce overall worldwide demand which cuts down massively on things such as mining and manufacturing.

Five Star Auto Salvage provide a Motor Salvage service based in Ipswich, Suffolk, with over 60 years experience in offering a full car recycling and used parts service. We offer a range of car services including scrap car collection, sell your car, recovery servicing, vehicle repairs, parts sourcing and vehicle sourcing. We comply with all environmental regulations and with us you can be sure that your car will be scrapped in an environmentally-friendly way.