While the British summertime is one to be embraced, the latest heatwave comes with a stark warning to drivers who decide to leave their pets locked in a warm car.

The Met Office has recorded temperatures well into 30C across the country, as a result RSPCA has made it their mission to publicly warn drivers or others that see animals trapped in a car hot car to call 999 immediately – only police have the authority to break car windows and bring the animal to safety from the roasting temperatures.

Since the Summer season began, there has been more than 4,000 calls made. However, this has not stopped pet pooches passing away due to the weather conditions when trapped in their owners vehicle. The RSPCA’s emergency hotline received 1,806 calls about animals and heat exposure during the first three weeks of July and 3,832 calls during the heatwave so far, from June 1st to July 24th.

Off the back of this latest warning, RSPCA have released tips for pet owners to keep their animals cool:

  • Don’t let your pet get sunburnt – use pet-safe sun cream
  • Ensure animals have access to shade and fresh drinking water
  • Keep fish tanks out of direct sunlight and top up water levels of ponds
  • Wrap an ice pack or frozen water bottle in a tea towel for your pet to lie on
  • Use cold treats from the fridge for added moisture or make an ice lolly from pet-friendly ingredients

The advice is to keep your Dog or other pets cool as much as possible in this long hot summer, although don’t let the effects of sun related issues ruin your summer plans with family, friends and pets. It’s worth looking out for the warning signs and any animals you may see cooped up in a warm vehicle – you could save their life by calling 999.

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