If you want to get the best price for your car, take a look at some of our top tips.

There are many reasons you might want to sell your car, from upgrading or downgrading or just a change in lifestyle or transport needs, but where do you start? If you want to replace your car, you’ll want to get the best price you can, if you don’t need it anymore, it may be that you just want to get it off the driveway. Either way, we can help you.

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  • Do Your Research – If you want to get the right price for your car, you need to do your research. Go online or look through Auto Trader for models of a similar age and condition as the one you have and make a note of the prices given. This way you’ll have a good all round understanding of how much you can expect to sell your car for.
  • Get Organised – Paperwork, get it all together and make sure it’s up to date. Find all the accessories like keys, wheel nuts and any special tools – one, so you will never get mixed up with your new car and two, making life a lot easier for the person who buys your car. Take out what you want. You don’t want to end up selling the stereo, and remove your information, you may have an awful lot of data floating around in your built in SatNav.
  • Clean Your Car – It’s obvious really, but the cleaner and nicer smelling your car is, that’s the one that the buyer will associate with a well maintained and well run engine. It also looks good and may get you another few quid.
  • What’s it Worth – If you’re not too worried about the money then this doesn’t concern you, but if you’re looking for a good price and your car needs a little TLC then maybe you need to spend some money before you sell, and even get it an MOT, that always reassures the buyer.

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