Water is wet, we live and die, Jeremy Clarkson will annoy someone – three very obvious things that happen in our world. Unfortunately, your car going wrong at some point may also fall in this category. The stresses and strains created by modern motoring on today’s vehicles, means that parts naturally wear out due to no fault of the owner. In some cases, when something goes wrong it’s time to fix and replace, right?

Purchasing and installing second hand car parts can be the cure to your beloved motor’s lifeline, you may even find the hard-to-source parts that are no longer produced.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider buying second hand car parts. On the whole, they tend to be an economical choice when compared to buying new, potentially saving you a considerable amount of money.

Replacing your car parts second hand is also friendlier to the environment, but make sure you’re prepared to put in the necessary work to find the right parts from the right seller. When dealing with the safety of your vehicle, passengers and other road users it is always best to be cautious and approach this area with the diligence required.

Depending on the fault with your car, the next step is to ensure that you have the correct part for your car make and model. However, a manufacturer can have many different versions of a car parts for specific vehicle upgrades throughout the years of car production.

Thoughts to take into consideration when on the lookout for a specific car part are your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Part Code, Visual Identification and Part Comparison. Once you have this information handy it will make the hunt easier and quicker.

Once you know the part you require, the next stage is finding someone who can sell it to you. The rarer the part, naturally the more difficult it will be to find. However, there are a vast number of places where second hand car parts are available. Luckily enough for you and your ailing car, you can stop the search in its tracks at Five Star Auto Salvage!

Five Star Auto Salvage specialises in Parts Sourcing. Not only do we have quality original used parts on site, we also have contacts nationally and overseas that can supply the new or used car parts you need. You won’t just be purchasing from an online stranger, but from a local business with over 60 years of trust and experience.This method is a cost effective alternative to buying the pricey spares direct from manufacturers that you require.

We can source parts for you quickly and easily from onsite as well as from our host of contacts from around the nation and internationally. Our Ipswich centre will find these spares for you, and can offer advice from a team of friendly experts. If you would like us to fit these parts for you, we can provide you with a competitive price that you will not find elsewhere – call us today on 01473 657 077 and speak to a member of the team!