This year there have been reports that The Great British Holiday will be at the forefront of British holiday makers minds in 2017. Throughout the spring, summer, and early autumn of the year, roads are expected to be full of groups, couples and families driving from one county to the other in a bid to find adventure, relax or simply have fun. Whether your car is full of excited children, yapping dogs, your sister or the stag, no one wants to break down.

The first trick is to make sure your car is up to date on its MOT, and if you’ve had one, get a service. The longer your road trip, the more important it is to be as up to date as possible about the condition of your vehicle. If you need parts, you can find inexpensive, quality products at a dependable salvage yard if you don’t quite trust that old radiator.

Second, music – something the whole car should agree on way before the journey begins, and may even need a contract that everyone has signed to keep the trip peaceful yet entertaining. To really cut the hours out of a trip, music and games can be a great source of distraction. If you’re parents, you may need to take one for the team and promise each other to remain calm until your own gasket has cooled. You can pick up car stereos from trusted online salvage stores for a great deal.

Third, make sure you have a spare. No matter what it is, if it is something you’d not be able to carry on without – ensure there is a second. Key to the car – losing the keys or even locking them in the car can cause a great deal of frustration and time. Tyres – having spare tyres will mean you can change the tyre yourself or call a local mechanic but to not have one at all, you may be spending more money than you expected and you’re not even there yet.

There is a lot to think about when you know you are going on a long car journey, but it’s worth the peace of mind getting those extra bits and pieces sorted out before you go.

At Auto Salvage we have well maintained, quality parts in our online shop, offer an ebay service so you can bid for products, have secondhand cars to sell and if you truly have had a shocking journey, we can recover or salvage your car in and around Suffolk and Essex.

We’re going to begin the year by helping you prepare for those long awaited holidays, so go ahead and start planning. If you need help or advice on car parts or any of our other services, please contact us today on – 01473 658911 or email –