With the Summer season officially at an end, the Autumn months can seem somewhat unfulfilled without a dose of sun, sea and sunshine to keep us company. However, that shouldn’t stop you on embarking on an Autumn/Winter road trip of a lifetime – in fact this could be the perfect time to get behind the wheel in search of a new adventure!

Try to envisage a getaway and firmly put those summer blues on the back burner. Time away from work and avoiding the crowds of busier periods will ensure you take in the finery of Europe’s most enthralling roads, all within the driving seat of your very own motor – you have the license to thrill.

The term ‘road trip’ can often be used loosely. A ‘road trip’ to the next neighbouring village is fine, but let’s branch out shall we and make the most of your four wheels? Why not tour and explore your horizons – quite literally. Channel your inner Christopher Columbus (obviously in a car) and explore parts of the world you haven’t seen before.

It’s time to pack up the car, pile in the loved ones, and your children too if you really want… and simply embark on your post-summer driving holiday!

If you fancy getting away from it all here’s our pick of the top driving holiday destinations in Europe. And, if you’re inspired, don’t forget that it’s worth giving Five Star Auto Salvage a call to give your vehicle the once over before you head off to pastures new.

Northern Spain
Crossing into Bilbao or Santander you have a huge range of options. You could stay in northern Spain and explore some spectacular driving routes including through the Picos de Europa mountains. Of course you can also discover how Spain’s most famous wine is made in La Rioja. Alternatively, you could really get some wheels under your belt with a circuit including Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. You’ll get a feel for the many personalities of Spain before heading back for the ferry.

The Netherlands
Being a small country you could easily see most of the key cities and sights within a week with your own four wheels. Those in the North can take a ferry from Hull or Newcastle. People in the south can travel direct from Harwich or Calais, reaching Amsterdam in under four hours.

Northern Italy
If you’re a real road-trip aficionado then a driving holiday to Italy won’t sound too scary. You could head to Lake Como via Strasbourg before crossing Switzerland and into Italy. The total driving time is around 12 hours from Calais. Take a couple of days to relax, see the sights and perhaps visit Milan.

Western France
Providing easy access to Western France, the port of Roscoff is a great starting point for a holiday for wine lovers. Wind your way down the Bay of Biscay to the famous Bordeaux area. Take a couple of days to give the car a rest and taste some of the region’s famous wines. Then, head further south to see the natural wonders of the Pyrenees including Cirque de Gavarnie.

No list of European driving holidays would be complete without Germany. The country is set up for those who want a self-drive holiday with signposted routes including The Romantic Road and the Castle Route. However, if you head for Bavaria in the South East you can experience the Black Forest High Road before heading for Munich and the German Alpine Road.

Southern Ireland
For those that live in the north west of England or Wales, Ireland is a great shout for a driving holiday. With dramatic scenery and plenty to do it’s known as one of the world’s best road trips. However, if that’s too much driving there is plenty to see and do around the likes of Dublin, Donegal and Cork.

Don’t forget that if you’re planning to take your car abroad throughout the Autumn/Winter seasons, you need to know and abide by local laws. The RAC has a great guide on its website that covers all of the most popular destinations.

If you would like to visit us before you drive off into the abyss, call 01473 657077 or email the team at info@fivestarautosalvage.co.uk. We ensure that your road trip is a safe experience.