Many driver’s worst nightmare is the dreaded potholes. How often do you jump in your car and leave for work in the morning, only to be one of the first sights being an enormous pothole within your path, or should we say road…? Or maybe you’re cruising along in your vehicle with your friends or family on a Saturday afternoon drive, and all of a sudden, BANG, you hit a pothole – this annoyingly happens a lot right?

Potholes cannot always be avoided and can cause serious damage to your car – from busted shock absorbers to broken suspension springs if you have no choice but to plough through them, but swerving to bypass them can lead to dangerous traffic accidents.

With the winter months not too far away, potholes are a major cause of concern, costing drivers serious money and time, not to mention stress from driving on roads that could cause a crash. Too many drivers these days are worried about the implications of what might happen to their car if they see a particularly deep pothole, the cost of repairs, the time taken to make an appointment with the garage or even having to wait by the side of the road for a repair company. The implications for busy drivers are not good, and let’s face it, no one has the time to spare if you’re driving. There is always somewhere you are meant to be.

The pothole crisis is worsening and could hit UK roads over the next few months after the RAC recorded a 24% increase in the amount of pothole incidents called in between October and December 2017, compared to 2016’s findings.

David Bizley, RAC chief engineer has said:
If the first three months of 2018 prove to be both wet and cold, potholes are likely to appear at an unprecedented rate which would inevitably stretch local authority repair resources to their limit.”

With billions of pounds committed to English councils, on top of an already unbelievable sum of £50 million to tackle potholes, will it be enough to give drivers the confidence so greatly needed when the roads are already shared by so many?

At Five Star Auto Salvage we understand the plight of drivers facing unsafe roads around our local towns and cities, and wish everyone a safe journey. If you can’t avoid a pothole due to traffic, slow down as much as safely possible, flashing your hazard lights to warn those behind you.

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