Considering buying a *new* car, a second hand alternative, can often present many questions? Why is it second hand in the first place? What’s wrong with it? How many previous owners has the vehicle had? Could buying one affect and influence the sale or vehicle being sold to you in the long run? Thus, which used car models are the most reliable?

If you’re one of the many motorists that can’t afford to splash out on a new vehicle, the only option is to go down the road of the used car route. With so many of us out there abiding by the same method, it’s worth knowing which car is worth it and which are likely to be on the back of a tow-truck…

According to a survey conducted by What Car?, the automobile magazine and website worked out the most reliable used cars with over 60,000 miles on the dial:

Toyota RAV4 (2006-2013)
What Car? reliability rating: 81.9%
Price: from £4,800

Toyota Avensis (2009-2015)
What Car? reliability rating: 82.3%
Price: from £4.995

Kia Cee’d (2007-2012)
What Car? reliability rating: 83.6%
Price: from £3,799

Honda Civic – petrol (2006-2012)
What Car? reliability rating: 83.7%
Price: from £3,100

Skoda Octavia – diesel (2004-2013)
What Car? reliability rating: 85.3%
Price: from £4,195

BMW 3 Series (2012-2018)
What Car? reliability rating: 88.7%
Price: from £8,500

Toyota Avensis (2003-2009)
What Car? reliability rating: 89.5%
Price: from £1,500

Ford Focus – diesel (2011-2018)
What Car? reliability rating: 89.6%
Price: from £5,800

Honda Civic – diesel (2006-2012)
What Car? reliability rating: 89.8%
Price from £3,500

Ford Fiesta – petrol (2008-2017)
What Car? reliability rating: 89.9%
Price: from £3,400

This compiled data should help give you the information you need when buying a used car and their reliability. Furthermore, it’s always worth doing your own research when purchasing a second hand vehicle such as vehicle history, service history etc.

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