It might be the second month of the new year, but some things remain the same – nobody likes sitting in a freezing cold car on a February morning waiting for it to warm up. In fact, the process of ‘warming the car up’ wastes gas and money; not to mention inefficiency. So, what’s the alternative?

Gone are the days of sitting around waiting and leaving the car to run, nowadays modern cars have the luxury of of on-board computers and fuel injection to inform you of what’s going on.

It takes c.60 seconds for the temperature to turn to adjust in your favour, with the oil travelling from the bottom of your engine to the top. Most cars are engineered to warm up faster if you sit in the driver’s seat and simply begin your journey, rather than sitting there waiting for absolutely no reason – apart from hearing the sound of your teeth chattering…

Thus, adopt the new mantra of warming up your car by turning on your ignition without starting the engine. This is the best way to get hot air quickly and, after about five seconds, you should hear the fuel pump priming the engine and get ready to start your vehicle.

Once you’re on the move, you’ll more than likely feel obliged to turn the heater on. You should initially point the warm air at your and your passenger’s chest, as that will help your bodies warm up as quickly as possible. When you’re warm enough, direct the heat towards your feet. This, of course, is simple science: as heat rises, the entire car will stay warm – very toasty, indeed!

However, this process won’t work for every single car, depending on how old and high-tech it is. But it’s an efficient, effective solution that you can potentially use for the future when it comes to buying a new car.

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